Saturday, February 28, 2009

Robin Kent & Jim Barner – Artisans at the Bend

Some artists see the world very seriously. Others take their work very seriously. Robin Kent and Jim Barner don’t seem to do either. You get the feeling they’re just having fun.

They create some of the most compelling sculptures and paintings you'll encounter. Their work is visually stunning, clever and artful. And it proves that serious art doesn’t have to be serious.

Each piece is carefully conceived and thoughtfully executed, but you don’t notice that. Instead you think how much fun it would be to have in your living room when friends come over.

Robin and Jim hail from Brandon, Vermont, but their work is featured in galleries around the country. They also exhibit every November at the prestigious Vermont Hand Crafters Fine Art & Craft Show in Burlington, Vermont.

You can see more of their terrific work at:


  1. Finally am on board as a novice with blogs. A belated thank you for your post about us.

  2. I am logging on as the result of both getting a recent post card about this site and owning a piece of your wood "sculpture" (ordered through a gallery in Brandon a couple of years ago). I was hoping for more of an online gallery. I am, alas, not interested in yet another person's musings about the world or politics (and I do not mean that to be rude--I read lots of that and look to sites like this for other things!). Will one be able to purchase on line?