Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Unrequited love

Oh America, you are the mistress
who promises me nights of carnal bliss,
then stands me up for the man next door
who molests young children.

I’m hopelessly in lust with you
and willing to overlook your sins,
so you play me like a plastic kazoo
and make me pick up the tab.

Oh America, I watch in horror
as you send a thousand deadly drones
to rain death on women and children
you call enemies or collateral damage.

But I forgive you for your actions
and come crawling back again
to reward you with my sacred votes
and my blind loyalty.

Oh America, I long for
the promise that you hold,
written by your founding fathers
when you were but a crying child.

I’m like all your other suitors
still in love with your façade,
but I'm weary after sixty years
of being your cuckold.

Oh America, you're the fickle whore
who preys on johns like me,
letting us believe we matter more
than your patrician pimps.

I believe you when you lie to me
always hoping for the truth,
so I toss my taxes and my self-respect
on the nightstand by your bed.

Trump Addicts

The working class was feeling the pain
of economic hopelessness and despair.
They wanted something to ease their pain
and they found it in Donald Trump.

His campaign promises got them high and
they got hooked on Make America Great Again.
But the words will not be enough for long.
It will take something more.

Maybe a righteous war?


First World, Second World, Third World, Fourth.
How many worlds on this small earth?
If Two through Four get wise to One,
they all might just pick up a gun.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Us vs. Them

Americans have become obsessed
with hating each other.

Conservatives hate liberals.
Christians hate Muslims.
Whites hate Blacks.
The rich hate the poor.
Blue collars hate intellectuals.
Republicans hate Democrats.
Everyone hates politicians.

They are morons.
They are devious.
They’re out to get us.
They want what’s ours.
Their beliefs are wrong.
Only ours are right.

For our nation to thrive,
we must work together.
We must see each other
as fellow Americans.
We must be
one nation indivisible.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

ADD Poet

I sit down at my computer to write a poem,
but my creative juices are not flowing.
I walk to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee
and while the coffee is brewing I decide
to put my breakfast dishes in the dishwasher,
but it’s full of clean dishes which
I put away and then load in the breakfast dishes
just in time for my coffee to be ready.

I open the refrigerator to get the milk
and luckily there is just enough for my coffee,
so I pour it in and then put the cap in the wastebasket
which reminds me it’s trash pickup day.
I pick up the kitchen wastebasket to empty
into the trash barrel in the back shed and figure I
might as well get the laundry and bathroom trash as well.

I walk into the laundry room where I notice
a bunch of towels in the laundry basket
that could be washing while I write,
but when I open the washer door I find
the socks and underwear I washed
and forgot to dry yesterday.
I open the dryer door only to
find some dry sheets which I fold
and put in the linen cupboard and then load
the socks and underwear into the dryer
and the towels into the washer and start them both.

I empty the laundry room trash into the bathroom
wastebasket and carry it out to the kitchen where
I discover my coffee is now cold, so I put
the coffee cup in the microwave and set it for 30 seconds
and then rinse out the empty milk jug to put in the recycling bin
which is also full. I take the recycling bag out to the shed
along with the kitchen wastebasket and
empty the kitchen trash into the trash barrel
and then carry the barrel out to the end of the driveway.

When I get back to the shed to retrieve the kitchen
wastebasket, I notice some sawdust and bits of paper
on the floor where the trash barrel had been,
so I sweep them up with the dustpan and brush
and dump them into the kitchen wastebasket
which I carry back into the kitchen where
my coffee is cold again. I set the microwave
for another 30 seconds and go back
to my computer to sit down and write a poem.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Lunar Eclipse

A six-foot man observes the shadow
his 7918-mile diameter planet casts
on a 2159-mile diameter asteroid
259,800 miles away
by a light source that is
92, 960,000 miles over his left shoulder.

Mind Control

The effect of middle class erosion
since American oligarchs declared war
on the middle class has been
a kind of mind control.

By reducing middle class incomes so that
both parents must work to make ends meet,
they have no time to worry about
what the oligarchs are doing.

Brave New World

In what kind of a world do two year-old children
know how to operate computers?

When I was two, I played with a green corduroy
elephant, blocks and wooden beads.

Or a world where eleven year-old children
can access all the world’s knowledge on their cell phone.

When I was eleven, I played cowboys and Indians,
drew cartoons and joined Boy Scouts.

Or a world where fourteen year-old children
can view every conceivable form of pornography on their cell phones.

When I was fourteen, the closest thing to pornography I saw
was Boccaccio’s Decameron on my parents’ bookshelf.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Human Nature

It’s not that we’re all evil.
It’s just that we all think about
our own welfare first.

It’s probably instinct that is
imprinted in our DNA.

But it’s why we need laws,
social rules and governments.
Why religions evolved.
Why we need regulation.

So when free-marketers proclaim
that businesses, corporations and investors
should be completely unregulated,
they’re ignoring human nature
and disregarding centuries of history.

They’re either kidding themselves
or lying to us.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

What Matters

Inequality matters
Healthcare matters
Education matters

Social security matters
Global warming matters
Poverty matters

Nuclear proliferation matters
World peace matters
Clean water matters

Your children matter
My children matter
All children matter

Our religious beliefs don’t matter.
They’re just our fantasies about
the beginning and the end of life.