Friday, November 7, 2008

Photos that moved me

After posting the image of Obama and his family, I got to thinking about journalistic photos that moved me. So I went online to find the photos that I remember making a big impression on me. In some cases I couldn't find the exact photo, so I selected the closest image to it.

Here are some of them:

For some reason, I have always remembered this photo from Life magazine in 1958.

This isn't the exact photo of Baez and Dylan that I remember, but it looks like it might have been taken on the same day.

The Beatles' arrival in America marked the start of a new musical era.

A company that I worked for in the mid-sixties did a classified, frame-by-frame analysis of the Zapruder film. Those grisly images are unforgettable.

This photo still tugs at my heart.

Dr. King's face seemed full of fear on this march in Memphis a few days before his assasination in 1968.

More than any other, this photo turned me against the Vietnam War.

This photo left me broken-hearted.

By the end of Woodstock, flower-power was already wilting.

This photo still frightens me.

The triumph of power over hope.

I could never understand Nixon's gesture as he left the White House in disgrace.

This iconic image expressed the hope of all Red Sox fans.

A candid father and son photo that made a hero seem human to me.

This photo is frightening because you know what happened a few seconds later.

How about you? Use Google images to search for photos that moved you.

By the way, you can now leave comments. I accidentally disabled comments when I set up the blog.

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