Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Beginning

I experience this feeling each time I start a new journal -- excitement, anticipation and the need to write something meaningful.
I'm still caught up in the euphoria of witnessing one of the most historic events of my life. The image of President-elect Obama with his lovely wife and daughters holding hands in front of a cheering crowd of 150,000+ supporters will stick with me forever. A young family in the White House feels so prophetic of positive change.

It gives me hope for the end of greedy, frightened old men running our country into the ground. It gives me hope that there could be an environmentally, economically and politically secure future for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And I hope it gives me far less to rant about in this blog than I had in my journals.
I invite anyone reading this blog to respond. Monologues get boring to read and to write.

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  1. What a difference a few years and 300 miles can make. Growing up in central NY state throughout the 1950's, only one home delivery was still on the road and that was the milkman. His arrival rivaled Santa Claus for my sister and me and our favorite product was the cottage cheese. At holiday time it was packaged in 8 oz. drinking glasses with painted Christmas images on the sides. We always begged for more cottage cheese so there would be more drinking glasses to fill with creamy whole milk and call our own. Thanks for bringing back this simple memory.