Friday, February 3, 2017

The times they are a changing

The Trump Administration and the Republican-controlled House and Senate are proposing very significant changes to the role of the Federal Government in America.

These are not minor adjustments in policy. They are fundamental changes that will affect every single citizen in this country for years to come.

Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, a conservative or a progressive, a Christian or a Muslim, these changes will have an impact on your life. And, they will affect the lives of your children and grandchildren.

Whether you’re in favor of these changes or hate them, this is one of those times that require ALL voters to become pro-active citizens. We must take the time to find out for ourselves what these changes will mean for us and our families.

The issues are complex, and there is hysteria and name-calling coming from all quarters. Social media is aglow with vitriol and dueling facts. It will take a concerted effort for you to learn the truth; but being informed is the foundation of democracy

America may be in turmoil right now, but it is still a democracy. We, the people, still have a voice in our government. Get informed and let your elected officials know that your votes cannot be taken for granted.

If we all take seriously our responsibility as informed citizens in a democracy, the outcome will be the will of the people. If we don’t, it will be the will of a few.

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