Saturday, October 3, 2009

Healthcare Hijack

The healthcare insurance industry has a lucrative racket, and they don’t want anything messing it up. So, they’re doing everything they can to scuttle the idea of a public option.

Their lobbyists and propagandists have been working overtime to protect their interests. Make no mistake about it; they’re playing to win.

Their paid PR mules are spreading lies, calling names and making up facts -- in short using every tool in the propagandist’s tool box to thwart any government involvement in healthcare. Even though the most successful social programs like Social Security, Medicare and the Veterans Administration are government run. And even though other countries have successful government-run healthcare.

As a diversionary measure, they’ve gotten their Congressional patsy, Max Baucus, to present a self-serving counter-proposal. The Baucus Plan was carefully structured by the insurance industry to guarantee them a multi-billion dollar windfall.

Here’s how it works. The government passes a law that the 40 million uninsured Americans must purchase health insurance. The law is added to the Internal Revenue Tax Code and calls for a $1900 “excise tax” if you don’t buy insurance. In other words, the IRS comes after you if you don’t pay, and it can attach your assets and put you in jail.

Under the pretense of solving the healthcare problem, The Baucus Plan uses the IRS to blackmail 40 million Americans into buying his benefactors’ insurance. It’s no different than any other organized crime protection racket.

Who will pay the price? The working poor who can least afford it.

Unless enough Americans see through this con and raise some hell with their Senators and Representatives, this legalized extortion could become part of the US Tax Code.

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