Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

It’s impossible to place a value on a human life
that has been sacrificed on the field of war.
Throughout our country’s history,
courageous men and women have died
defending lives and freedom.
The measure of their life’s worth
is what their death accomplished.

The tragedy of this Memorial Day is
that the beautiful and gallant young Americans
who sacrificed their lives in the invasion of Iraq
died for no good reason.
Their deaths achieved nothing.
Their mutilated limbs and minds were wasted.
The suffering of their families was for naught.
All because they were recklessly committed
to an ill-conceived and illegal war
that has no justification.

The best way for us to give value to the sacrifices
made by these brave soldiers is to not let
their children and grandchildren suffer the same fate.
We must make these heroes' deaths and injuries
count for something by ending
this 21st Century Holy War.

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