Friday, April 24, 2009

Bill Harley -- storyteller, songwriter, singer and author

Bill Harley is a rare gem. In addition to being a storyteller, songwriter, singer and author, Bill is a wonderful entertainer. He captivates kids.

If you see Bill perform, you get the feeling that some part of his brain never grew up. It’s that part that lets him relate so well to kids. He knows how they think.

Bill has written songs and stories for kindergarteners, primary school kids and middle schoolers. And they all make you remember what it felt like to be that age.

Bill was a favorite of my grandchildren and is now entertaining and educating my great-grandchildren. As you can tell, he’s also a favorite of mine. His songs and stories are just as delightful, contagious and funny now as they were when I took my granddaughters to see him perform almost twenty years ago.

In a new blog, Bill plans to talk about the culture of schools. He estimates that he’s given performances in nearly two thousand schools in his career. Since there are few people who have been in that many schools, Bill has a unique perspective on school culture today.

Check out his new blog at It can’t help but be good reading.

You can also treat your children and grandchildren to Bill’s songs and stories, by visiting his website store at They’ll love him. So will you.

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  1. We love Bill, too! I stumbled upon your blog today and it is refreshing to read. I am your newest follower.